Awareness of the many factors that influence our lives and our relationships. Very enthusiastic team. Recommend to anyone looking for better self-awareness and improvement (B & M-C, grandparents)

Very interesting for the training of grandchildren (general retired)

Seminar well built and well conducted. Learn to know each other better and to know better our surroundings (L.C)

It makes me stand up! (S.J)

Original approach! (V.S)

This seminar should be given to everyone. I think in particular that all Scout leaders should follow him (N.G)

The focus is on caring for people, it was exciting! (D.H)

There are tools for professional and personal life (H.T; J-M.B)

It makes you grow (S.C)

I learned that everyone can be a leader, that it is forged (M.M.L)

Righteous Leadership Humanizes People (E.N.K)

Anyone can become a leader, be it a business leader or a housewife. It is a way to happiness (N.M.M.)

Leadership is not only about companies but also parents (…)

Help discover what we can change / improve in our lives (L.I.I)

I learned a lot; these are things I did not suspect (N. K)

Your seminar gave me a light that should be shared (A.TM)

I recommend to parents, educators, students, young couples and entrepreneurs (N.T.M)

I learned how to grow and grow others (…)

Here, we put the man in the center (P.B.K)

The content is very rich, it allowed me to find many answers (S.T)

This seminar is a help in life, it gives a new breath (…)
Help you to know yourself better, to build your character, to discover your mission and to realize it (G-P-K)

Thanks to the seminar, I have a template to become a leader in my own life and to help others in this direction too. (F …)

Now I know my temper and I understand why some things seem difficult to me … I also know that I can change that. (K.K)