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Alexandre Havard in Brussels – Virtuous Leadership Seminar in English!

21 – 22 March 2020
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The crisis of the modern world is a crisis of magnanimity, a crisis of greatness. Consumerism and moral relativism produce generations of pusillanimous.

We want to stop this process of zombification of the human being. We want to lift our heads, affirm our dignity, discover the greatness for which we were created.

Our mission is to ignite hearts for greatness, to form a new generation of leaders called to transform Life – family, business and culture, and to spread a vision of leadership that matches the most authentic demands of life. human nature and the noblest aspirations of the human heart.

“My mission, I discovered it late – at the age of 40, when I began to teach virtuous leadership. “To awaken in the hearts the flame of greatness and to form a new generation of virtuous leaders capable of changing the world”. I saw greatness in my parents, my grandparents, my friends, my teachers. At the same time I saw an ocean of pusillanimity sweeping the world. I noted with astonishment the appearance of new creatures, those of the “worlds best” of Aldous Huxley: beings without past, without family, without nation, without God and without nature. I saw the “men without chest” of C. S. Lewis, the “amputees of the heart” of Jacques Brel. I was terrified and decided to act. My mission – to bring out the flame of greatness in my heart – became my personal response to this anthropological catastrophe. This personal mission is now the mission of the Institute of Virtuous Leadership. “Alexandre Dianine-Havard.


Growing up by making others grow is what leadership is all about.
The manager gets things done; the leader advances men.
By raising others, the leader rises himself.
The essence of leadership is magnanimity (the habit of tending toward great things) and humility (the habit of serving others).
Real greatness is the growth of men and not the conquest of an empire.

Our mission is to ignite hearts for greatness, to form a new generation of leaders called to transform life – family, business and culture,

and to spread a vision of leadership that corresponds to the most genuine demands of human nature and to the noblest aspirations of the human heart.

“Alexandre Dianine-Havard opens for us the doors of great hope. The great hope is that every woman, every man can in his ordinary life be a cathedral builder … Alexander makes us want to want to, and to add the enthusiasm, this intense emotion that drives to the action in joy “.

Jacques de Chateauvieux, Jacques de Chateauvieux, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Axa (2008-2010)


The Virtuous Leadership Institute is an international community of specialists from a wide variety of sectors who, together, dream of forming a new generation of virtuous leaders who can transform the world.

The Institute of Virtuous Leadership was born in Russia. We are now also present in France, Belgium, Portugal,

Finland, Spain, Guatemala, Lebanon, China and the United States. Leadership Institutes are organizations that are legally independent of each other but actively collaborate with each other (see www.hvli.org).

Alexandre Dianine-Havard

Of French, Russian and Georgian origin, Alexandre Dianine-Havard is the author of the system of Virtuous Leadership and the co-founder of the various Leadership Institutes, present on the five continents. His books “The Virtuous Leadership” (2007), “Created for Greatness: Leadership as Ideal of Life” (2011) and “Practical Handbook of the Virtuous Leader” (2017) have been translated into twenty languages. He has a law degree from René Descartes University (Paris V) and has practiced as a lawyer in Strasbourg and Helsinki. Since 2007, he lives and works in Moscow.