Ignite hearts for greatness!



A conference of Leadership Vertueux allows to discover the system of Leadership Virtuous in its outlines. A conference often provokes the desire to deepen the system.


Seminar (2 days)

A Virtuous Leadership Seminar takes place in different modules spread over 2 days. The breaks allow to exchange between participants and with Alexandre Havard.

The Virtuous Leadership is for the will, the intelligence but especially the heart. It is an ideal of life (arousing personal greatness and in others) and not a technique, a question of organization or a biological talent.

In any case, the foundations and essence of Righteous Leadership are discussed. We will therefore talk about the character, the basic virtues of the human being, as well as the virtues more specific to the leader (magnanimity and humility). Indeed, one is not born leader, one becomes it while working his character.

We also talk about our temperament (strengths and weaknesses), our virtue-challenge (to forge a strategy for personal growth), ethics (rule-based or virtue-based?), And the mission of each.

These two days help participants to get to know themselves and those around them better and to discover concrete ways to become virtuous leaders in their family, their work, their hobbies, etc. Following the training, each participant receives a monthly Brief taking a specific point to help him on a daily basis for 3 consecutive years.